Client Testimonials

"I found the nutritional portion of the program extremely beneficial, in fact, I still see Lara once every two weeks. As someone who has never had a healthy relationship with food, and would have never sought her expertise on my own, I am thankful for this door being opened for me."
Ande from Fabulous In Time program

"Lara- Just wanted to say thanks. I graduated Officer Training School for the Air Force and am now stationed in Columbus, MS for pilot school. Life is good, and my success is contributed to the health education and weight loss support you provided. Thank you!"
Jesse Brown - 2nd Lieutenant, USAF

"Lara worked with me on changing my nutrition and exercise behaviors, and ultimately, in losing and keeping off a significant amount of weight. She was encouraging, enthusiastic, rigorous, and helpful. I could not get over how supportive and energetic she was about my goals. She always gave me some useful tips for moving forward, even when I felt stuck. Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , High Integrity!"
Carrie Basas - Post-Graduate Research Fellow at Harvard Law School

Nutrition presentation to Group: Moms of Preschoolers
"I got really good feedback about your presentation - thank you so much for coming! "
Andrea with MOPS (moms of pre-schoolers)

Comments from several Williams Company participants that attended Lara Veazey's supermarket tour in August 2009:
"I will continue to read food labels in more detail and try to make the best choices in what I eat/buy."
"What I liked best was learning to read labels at the grocery store."
"The information we received from the grocery store tour was really invaluable."
"The grocery store tour has helped me to shop smarter and I am using the knowledge gained to start chancing my family’s eating habits."
" I enjoyed meeting with the nutritionist best. I had never met with one before. I enjoyed the grocery store tour. It really helped me change the way I shop for groceries in a more healthy way."
"I was surprised, so much healthy information is so drastic, it is nice to hear what a regular person can do that will make a huge difference."
"I loved the grocery store tour."
"I think this program has finally put me on the road to healthier living."
Chris A. Beck, MS Wellness Coordinator for Williams

I learned more in the three months Lara counseled me in diet and nutrition than I learned my entire life as a competitive athlete and former Division I athlete. Everyone wants to live a healthy lifestyle, but the “how-to” is very elusive. I have always been in relatively good shape, but after I quit playing sports and finished law school, my career took precedent over meal planning and living a healthy lifestyle. As a result, I was out of shape, tired, and didn’t really know how to get out of the rut. Then, I met Lara. I told Lara I needed someone to sit me down, go over my goals, and tell me specifically what to do to achieve them. I didn’t need someone to tell me to “eat right and exercise”….seriously, WHAT does that mean, SPECIFICALLY???
Lara and I met, we discussed my goals, she evaluated my diet and body composition, then I followed her directions exactly, and I got EXACT results! I started meeting with Lara in September of 2009 hoping to shed 15 pounds for my wedding in August 2010; but by December 2009 I had met my weight loss goal, and I have managed to lose even more. As Lara has taught me, I am not on a “diet”, I have made a lifestyle change. I am living a healthier life, I am able to maintain my goals, and I know that this investment will pay dividends in the years to come. I needed a plan of attack that would satisfy my fried food, ice cream, and cheeseburger addict cravings without making me act like a bear coming out of hibernation. As a result, Lara went over each item I put into my body and taught me how to eat the things I loved without them being so unhealthy. I will NEVER give up “fried” food, ice cream and cheeseburgers and now I don’t have to. The people I see on a daily basis can’t believe the changes I have made and they all want to know how I can seemingly eat all the time and keep the weight off--- All I can say is that if you want to know the secrets and you are ready to make a lifestyle change for your health and the benefit of your loved ones, you really need to rely on an expert like Lara.
Jessica L. Carriger, Assistant District Attorney, 12th Judicial District

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